Prayer Time

To leave a praise or request, e-mail us. Names will not be used on requests listed on this site or on the air.
Prayer Time is heard weekdays at 11:45am Pacific Time (GMT -7) on our FM stations and Internet stream. Click here to find the station near you or our stream so you may join us.


— Praise for friends who have housed a woman as she recovers over several months. Pray she will find housing in her home city soon.


— a great niece has cancer of the throat and lungs.
— a lady is starting chemotherapy for a tumor today..
— a student has been hospitalized for a few days with flu-like symptoms and has experienced kidney failure and loss of other functions which are life-threatening.
— a couple needs help with housing as they are homeless.
— continue to pray for healing of a leg.
— be with a man visiting a community to help those who are ill.
— a mother and son have a new business and ask the Lord’s blessing and guidance.
— a woman has a portable heater that is not working and asks wisdom to help make it work.
— an unspoken request

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