Prayer Time

To leave a praise or request, e-mail us. Names will not be used on requests on this site or on the air.
Prayer Time weekdays at 11:45am Pacific Time (GMT -7) on our FM stations and Internet stream. Click here to find the station near you or our stream so you may join us.


A husband diagnosed with throat cancer found it had disappeared before any treatment could begin.


Pray for a cousin with a brain aneurysm.
A mother of three (all living in a one-bedroom apartment) works but does not make enough money. she was in court and given a few weeks to leave the apartment for non-payment of rent.
A woman needs prayer as she tries to stay healthy.
A youngest child is starting at a new school.
Friends found out their unborn has Trisomy 18, a fatal condition.
A family friend needs admission to Teen Challenge for a 12-month program. He wants to go but must be approved.

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