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Planned Giving

Just what is Planned Giving?

It’s the artist and science of making a gift to a qualified ministry. A gift that’s designed so that, in addition to the spiritual benefits, you and your heirs can also enjoy continuing financial benefits from the gift. This may involve wills, trusts, life insurance or other planned gifts of assets. Such plans can generate current and future tax savings for you and your heirs, and at the same time pay you. They ALL benefit the ministry! Now, wouldn’t you like to have a gift to KVIP do all these things? Tax savings? Yup. But we’re not just talking about income tax, here. There are taxes on just about everything — and no doubt the government is working on taxes for things we haven’t even thought of yet.

  • Taxes when you buy an asset (sales tax).
  • Taxes when you sell an asset for more than it costs (Capital Gains Taxes).
  • Taxes when you don’t sell an asset (real property taxes)
  • Taxes on some lifetime gifts from one person to another (gift taxes).
  • Taxes on assets transferred at your death (Estate Taxes) and many, many more…

But here is some good news: there are some valuable exceptions, deductions and exemptions available for a properly planned gift of an asset to a qualified ministry. Wouldn’t you like to give a gift of an asset to KVIP and have Planned Giving work for you and your family? See, if you plan ahead, taxes are optional! For more information, call us at 530-222-4455 or e-mail

Memorial Giving

Over the years, many groups and individuals have donated to this ministry in memory of loved ones, friends or relatives. The list below is a compilation of those memorials. Should you desire to make a gift in memory of someone, contact us at 1139 Hartnell Ave., Redding, CA 96002, or call 530-222-4455.

James Addison
Herb Allen
Bobby Anderson
Evelyn Anderson
Jewel Anderson
Charles “Chick” Bailey
Timothy Bailey
Joan Barba
Charles Barnett
Jessie Barnett
Ruth Barnhart
Ron Baving
Etta Marie Becker
Bobby Beckstrom
Elva Benton
Charles Bevins
Ted Bild
Terry Bill
Elizabeth Blomberg
Jewell Bond
Barry Bowen
Nelli Bradley
Richard A Breier
Caralee Britt
Frank Briltz
Bill Brown
Rev. Robert Brown
Joanne Brynjolfsson
Bill Buckhorn
Bill Butler
Velda Carmichael
Joy Carnes
Clare Carter
Earl Carter
Kay Carter
Phyllis Carter
Karen and Earl
Lillian Casey
Bill Chamberlain
Joan Christensen
Helen Clark
Tom Clark
Twila T. Clark
Carmett Cleghorn
Raymond Coffelt
Charlotte Conway
Kieth Coleman
Jack Corliss
Jack Cox
June Crane
Dan Cranfill
Martha Culmer
Willie Cushman
George Dahl
Eldon Lee Darling
Jeanie Deese
Paula Deschene
Maude Diltz
Wanda Donaldson
Fred Doerflein
Ormond Dunlap
June Edwardson
Del Wien Eliason
Harold Evans
Leroy Evans
Paul Evans
Will and Orpah Evans
Scott Fackrell
Robert Fields
Harold Fitzhugh
Dan Flanum
Jim Fleig
Walter Fred
Pastor Frederick
Bonnie Freet
Ted Garner
Almeda Gibson
George Gilliam
Elmer Gillmore
Marge Gillmore
John Gramath
Brad Grandell
Pastor Rick Green
Hershel, Estil and Jessie
Norman Gregory
Margie Guinn
Ralph Hafer, Jr.
Rachel Hanna
Bettie Hassen
Bette Hauptman
Earl Hendrickson
John Hendrickson
“Jerry” Hendrix
Charles Hess
Inga Heyerly
Grover and Ruth Mae
Juanita Hinton
Ruth Hirenbaugh
Warren Hmacker
Mary Holcomb
Donald Hollis
Jack Hollis
Velva Hollis
Cleo Honore
Robert Jackson
Wilma Jackson
John Johannessen
Donna Carole Johnson
Pastor Ernie Johnson
Lorraine Johnson
Marjorie B Johnson
Amelia Jane Karas
Everette Kayser
Shirley Keaton
Alice Keef
Angela King
Anna Kruger
Carol LaMotte
Henri Lane
Mrs. Henri Lane
Nancy Lane
Virgil Larson
Doug Latimer
Christopher Lawlor
Dean Lee
Ruth Lee
Elizabeth Leedy
Jack Leib
La Verna Lequieu
Frank Liedle
Edna Lind
Mrs. Gustav Lind
Jim Little
Hope Loftin
George Loughridge
Anker Lee Lukens
Ted Luthy
Gerrit Lyzenga
Julia Lyzenga
Weldon Mahr
Pete Mamaki
Morrison Manies
Mary Manthei
Nicholas Masters
Dorothy Matthews
Robin Lee Matthews
Margaret Matz
Velma Maxwell
Bloomer Maxine McBride
Gerald McCollum
Elsie McCoy
Mable McKimmey
Rose Melau
Larry Meyering
Beverly Michaels
Calie Middleton
Louise Miller
Larry Miner
Esther Montgomery
David Morrow
Charlie Moss
Betty Myers
Harley Natvig
Claudette Neitz
Joseph Nespojohn
Morgan Nichole
The Nickesons
Carter Louise Oliver
Chriss Oliver
Garlin Oliver
Ray Oliver
Ron Oliver
Elouise Parsley
Charlotte Louise Peebles
Ken Perrigo
Iza Petro
John Frank Phillips
Evelyn Pontrelli
Alton Powell
Bobbie Powell
Clifton Powell
Margaret Powell
Rhonda Powell
Wayne Powell
Patricia Quibell
Terry Quibell
Carmen Rafferty
Billy Jack Reed
Louise Ribonson
Allen Roberts
Laura Rorebaugh
Victor Rose
Mary Ross
Elisabeth Sanches
Margaret Savage
Jim Scott
Dottie Scott
Thelma Scott
Jack and Lillian Self
Betty Jo Sharrett
Norman Shaw
Bruce Sherrod
Barbara Lee Shipp
Beverly Shoffner
Duane Shoffner
Alberta Betty Slavens
Frank Smith
Lois Smith
Mary Snow
Gerd Sorenson
Alice Sowers
Anna Spalding
Gary Standifer
Vera Rae Stanley
Greeno Arlie Stephenson
Jean Stevenson
Wayne Stevenson
Tommy Stinson
Caroll Stotts
Marjorie Stough
Paul Stoughton
Linda Stover
Richard Tandy
Hill Scott Tharp
Carol Thompson
J B Tolbert
Dorothy Torres
Roddy Trenholm
Dagmar Turk
Mac Turner
Deanna Vanderpool
Marilyn Van Leuven
Bill Vaughn
Raymond Vogel
Charles Wagoner
Shirley Wagner
John Wallin
Marshall Wallace
Karen Warren
Robert Waterhouse
Jack and Lillian Wien
Dale Welch
Michael Whaley
Bob Wieland
Rolland Wigno
Roger Wilder
Margaret Wiley
Douglas MacArthur Williams
Ramona Williams
Amy Williamson
Sandra Sue Willis
Cameron Wills
Fred Wilson
Mary Ellen Wilson
Juel and Florence Winkler
Irene Yates
Delrae Yousef

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