Prayer Time

To leave a praise or request, e-mail us. Names will not be used on requests listed on this site or on the air.
Prayer Time is heard weekdays at 11:45am Pacific Time (GMT -7) on our FM stations and Internet stream. Click here to find the station near you or our stream so you may join us.



— a listener is in need of transportation as her car “died.”

— pray for a husband’s employment.

— a new mother has been rushed to the hospital with serious complications.

— pray for pain relief after a woman had neck surgery.

— an uncle fell and broke his hip.  He has Alzheimer’s and is in a care facility where they do not plan to operate, but will provide comfort.

— a mother got unwanted news during a doctor visit regarding her battle with cancer.

— a pastor is moving into a new home.  Pray for those helping that they will suffer no injuries.

— please remember a terminally ill brother-in-law.