In God we trust.

The Share-a-thon has ended a little short. We will continue to accept gifts and pledges until the goal is reached. We lack about 39-thousand dollars. Thanks to all who called during the past week!

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR WESTERN MODOC COUNTY LISTENERS: We are moving the translator you hear to 96.9 on Saturday, October 22nd. When the old signal goes off, move the radio dial to 96.9 and wait for it to return at the new location!
Susanville and Lakeview listeners, you will lose your signal while the change is being made — but you do not have to re-tune your radio. You will be able to listen at your usual frequency when the project is finished. Questions? Call us at 800-877-5847.

The AM Translator Project continues. Help us fund a new signal in Shasta County to rebroadcast our 540 AM station on the FM dial.

You can support KVIP financially with a donation. Visit our support page.

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