In God we trust.

Here we go! Our AM 540 signal is now heard on 98.7 FM. Ever wondered what programs you’ve been missing? Find out. But wait. There’s more! 120 hours more programming as we will no longer simulcast the 98.1 programming overnights and weekends.

December 16th on 98.1 FM at 11:04am and AM 540 and 98.7 FM at 1:00pm

Join us December 23rd at 11:04am on 98.1 and 1:00pm on AM 540 and 98.7 FM.

Christmas Eve at 1:00pm on 98.1 FM and our network of stations

Christmas Day at 9:30am on 98.1 and our translators.

Tune in Christmas Day at 5:00pm on 98.1 FM

December 30th at 11:04 on 98.1 FM and 1:04 on AM 540 and 98.7 FM.

Program guides available. Just call 800-877-KVIP for yours.

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