In God we trust.

Important notice: KVIP lost its satellite receive dish in the Tuesday night/Wednesday morning snow storm when a tree fell on the dish and shattered it.  Many programs will be unavailable until the ten-foot dish is replaced.  These include Janet Parshall’s In the Market and SRN news and many others.  We are working to find ways to download others that are delivered by this dish.  Thanks for your patience.

We are back on the air at 98.1 and 98.7 after our engineer drove a snow cat up to the transmitter site, and disconnected from PG&E.  We are running on the emergency generator.  Our Internet is back, hopefully to stay.  Next step is to get the satellite dish ordered and installed.  Cost estimate is 3-thousand dollars.

98.7 FM in Shasta County — it’s still us, but it’s different.