In God we trust.

It has been a year since we began this mask-wearing journey of waiting, watching and wanting our God to use His Church for “such a time as this”. This Christian radio network remains a voice of encouragement to our friends who are still not able to attend church with fellow believers. If you are just finding this radio station’s signal, please take a few moments to investigate our program schedules. We are pleased to know that you are making use of our internet streaming service offered here at this website.  Please do not hesitate to phone us if you are having any difficulty with listening from your smart phone or computer.

Praise be to our God, Jesus Christ, for providing our Spring Share-a-thon need. The staff and Board of Directors wish to express a heart-felt thank you to the many of you who pledged during the six day campaign and to those who made early gifts allowing us to begin with a jump start of 27%! Every six months, the giving of loyal listeners make it possible for this non-denominational radio ministry to broadcast on five full-power stations:  KVIP AM, KVIP FM, KGRV, KNDZ, KNWR, and 28 translators. For over 51 years, this ministry continues to reach into more than 150 cities along with an increasing number of those who listen from this website!

Did you notice the new “Signal Map” tab located up in the top right hand corner? Take us with you on your next road trip. Click on this and you will see exactly where you may hear the various frequencies for this Christian radio Family of Stations!

Seeking first His Kingdom,

Phil Morrow, Network General Manager

On behalf of our staff and PCCC Board of Directors